R.D.-Rain Drops

Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

20 May 2011

What we believe in?

We need to believe in something ... to survive,to walk trough this life!That`s a serious question you know?What we can believe in? Well... i was believeing so hard in love...i think deep inside my heart i still do it,because what i surelly know is that there is a verry important reason that still keeps me so strong,i`m continuing fighting for what i believe in.
You know sometimes...i just need to be somewhere hidden with my soulmate and not to care about the others,i need to be just us in a paradise created by ourselves,this is kind of impossible when your soulmate just doesn`t wish the same,when his mind is like limited to reality.You need a strong will for this ,to make it real and the most important is that it`s not a fight for one single person ...is for two and if one`s not fighting it`s keeping you down ...you can`t rise.When i say "LOVE" i`m thinking in the matter of fact it`s a real bullshit and you know why?...Just because i don`t really find the meaning of this word ,what really meens to love or to be loved what are those emotions?From where it comes?What means a soul?How we can control it?Ask yourself and you`ll not gonna find an answer because there are things that can`t be explained...there are things around and inside us that have not real roots somewhere where you can find them and explore... Well can say just that our souls demand to us ... we allways chose to follow it but allways we get scars because we can`t just make our minds one with our hearts ...it can`t be combined ...if this was possible in some way we would not ever shed a tear. It`s so sad that who needs love don`t have it and who have it don`t give a fuck about it... why allways people that don`t need ...they find...and those who really are able to provide feelings are looking for an entire life? It`s not like you ask for something in exchange because love is not for sale ... you can`t buy it with all the money,you can`t buy happiness . Why did some persons just confound the real happiness with the joy of having something you can buy with money? 

19 May 2011

"Question about people"

What`s the meaning of burrying your heart in an ice cube?You think that there is noone that`s gonna find it?You think that there is noone that can break that ice?You think that noone can see trough this cover?
Well than you`re really wrong because as much as you wanna hide it as more you make it visible!You think this will gonna prevent you to suffer?That`s a stupid thing you know why? ... Because you`re so transparent and so coward doing this....that the entire world can guess what is really inside you....but in the same time they don`t really see nothing...it was happening to me too and it was like everybody was my friend than like everybody could understand how i really felt but noone ... succeded to say what was true. We know all these things but in the same time we do just nothing to improve our lives you know hidding is not a really good shield ... it`s just the fear you have in you so than you choose to run and don`t look back. Sometimes it`s good but sometimes this is really bad because you don`t know what you loose when you don`t risk ... that`s what i like more in life "The Risk" but untill now i just loose maybe one day i`ll win and than i`ll remember my thoughts and my acts and i`ll laugh...because when you`re going trough good you just forget from where you started like nothing was happening to you,like today you are born. So people don`t run,don`t hide,and don`t forget your start...your lost fights or your wins because i`m with an eye on you i do that allready and not just only once and maybe i`ll do it again...who knows?I`m human like you all and every human make mistakes but at least let`s try not to repeat those mistakes wich had teach us something .

The weakness in me

         There are like 3 or 4 versions of this song but i really enjoy listening to this one maybe because of her voice or something.It`s like she`s singing here close to me,and those lyrics are so amazing too,it just makes you see the whole story in your mind while you`re listening to it.
               If i`ll ever gonna try to find a nickname maybe i`ll get "Music Addict" ,why this?It`s simple ...because whenever i feel lost or just melancholyc i press the "Start" button playing one of my favourites and all it seems to be more easier than!
             Thinking about love it was not my purpose in life but ... accidentally i got shooted straight trough my heart...so now i`m just spending time trying to keep up with it.
             There are 2 kind of emotions , good ones and bad ones if you`re trying to get in the middle you will not gonna see nothing just an empty space but losing hope is not needed so try to keep it alive walking hand in hand with it.