R.D.-Rain Drops

Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

19 May 2011

The weakness in me

         There are like 3 or 4 versions of this song but i really enjoy listening to this one maybe because of her voice or something.It`s like she`s singing here close to me,and those lyrics are so amazing too,it just makes you see the whole story in your mind while you`re listening to it.
               If i`ll ever gonna try to find a nickname maybe i`ll get "Music Addict" ,why this?It`s simple ...because whenever i feel lost or just melancholyc i press the "Start" button playing one of my favourites and all it seems to be more easier than!
             Thinking about love it was not my purpose in life but ... accidentally i got shooted straight trough my heart...so now i`m just spending time trying to keep up with it.
             There are 2 kind of emotions , good ones and bad ones if you`re trying to get in the middle you will not gonna see nothing just an empty space but losing hope is not needed so try to keep it alive walking hand in hand with it.

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