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Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

19 May 2011

"Question about people"

What`s the meaning of burrying your heart in an ice cube?You think that there is noone that`s gonna find it?You think that there is noone that can break that ice?You think that noone can see trough this cover?
Well than you`re really wrong because as much as you wanna hide it as more you make it visible!You think this will gonna prevent you to suffer?That`s a stupid thing you know why? ... Because you`re so transparent and so coward doing this....that the entire world can guess what is really inside you....but in the same time they don`t really see nothing...it was happening to me too and it was like everybody was my friend than like everybody could understand how i really felt but noone ... succeded to say what was true. We know all these things but in the same time we do just nothing to improve our lives you know hidding is not a really good shield ... it`s just the fear you have in you so than you choose to run and don`t look back. Sometimes it`s good but sometimes this is really bad because you don`t know what you loose when you don`t risk ... that`s what i like more in life "The Risk" but untill now i just loose maybe one day i`ll win and than i`ll remember my thoughts and my acts and i`ll laugh...because when you`re going trough good you just forget from where you started like nothing was happening to you,like today you are born. So people don`t run,don`t hide,and don`t forget your start...your lost fights or your wins because i`m with an eye on you i do that allready and not just only once and maybe i`ll do it again...who knows?I`m human like you all and every human make mistakes but at least let`s try not to repeat those mistakes wich had teach us something .

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