R.D.-Rain Drops

Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

25 July 2011


My cigarette it has its end
 That I am good I can`t pretend
I can`t because I never did this
I am just drowning in this mist

There`s so much sadness
 And all I feel it`s loneliness
But more of that I feel the guilt
You are not here,and I regret

  It`s just i`m full of defects
Why did you saw just qualities?
Coz what I feel about myself
It`s that i`m loosing in disgrace

  I`d took your hand just if I could
But I don`t see it anymore
And all I need it`s just an soar
To end myself if I just could

 Just now I can sit on a roof
Next I can be in sky,above
Here isn`t anylonger love
I`m pretty sure,I don`t need proof

  But if i`ll do this will be useless
And i`ll not do ,the pain to ease
I might be watching you forever
And i`ll embrace you like I never

 Coz all this guilt i`m in right now
It`s draining all of me,but how?
I need you baby to forgive me
Please do it and remain with me

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