R.D.-Rain Drops

Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

25 July 2011


As I lay down
Many tears are shown
As I grow old
I feel like an odd 

 I`m walking to nowhere
I just want to get there
I lost myself in desperation
And can`t regain all my emotion

 As I start writing even more
 I see her wait outside my door
I don`t know who is she or what she wants
What I do feel it`s i`m the worst

 No one needs pain
For what we need it?
Am just in middle of a rain
There is to hard,and we don`t need it

  Hey lady in black outside my door
Just steal me coz I can`t go on
I want to lay my head on you
I`m just an odd,I can`t be new

  I see your smile,and you`re happy
Just put your hands all around me
Because i`m stoned,so I can`t move
I pray to Lord my end to choose

 But if you take my breath today
Just keep this strongly in your heart
That you`ll can feel it in its beat
I`m just me,just an odd…forever and today

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