R.D.-Rain Drops

Welcome to the darkest corner of a heart

25 July 2011


At the beggining was just you
After a time were me and you
And at the end of all of this
It`s only me that still remains

The memories we had believe
Are so locked up,i need relieve
Allow me to pass over them 
Coz if i stay they`ll got me burn

And as the days pass one by one
It`s even harder now than then
But thinking that you`ll not be there
Still keeping me tied up on here

I look the sky in stormy nights
And all i see are ghosts of past
Your feelings now are gone for good
And yet it`s hard to stand the truth

I`m walking down on darkened roads
Still letting tears to wet my face
I know i wont feel your embrace
Coz i`m alone on lonely clouds

I`m in my world now baby boy
Trying to find a pride of joy
You ain`t part of my life from now
Coz it`s too hard to just move on

I`m pretty sure i wont be crying
I don`t have tears anymore
I just have streght to carry on
The broken heart inside is dying

I threw it in ur way of dreams
But you wont find it never
We thought our love will last forever
But here were left just the mistakes

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